Paul Pogba is the Cover Star of FIFA 18 Xbox One

EA’s FIFA 18 is releasing later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and other platforms. The developer is yet to discuss the title but it will at EA PLAY in June. However, we can now confirm that Paul Pogba is the new cover star for FIFA. Buy fifa 18 coins for ps4, xbox one and pc, is your best choice.

He will be on the cover this year replacing Marco Reus. The cover had been dominated by Messi over the years over the last few years we have seen EA go with other options. Paul Pogba French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team. He plays as the central midfielder and can handle both defensive and attack positions.

EA PLAY livestream, which will cover the EA Play presentation, will take place on June 10, at 12 p.m. Pacific Coast Time, or at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. EA will be showing off its upcoming games at the show.

EA PLAY date puts EA three days ahead of the start date of E3 2017, giving it plenty of time to get ahead of the rest of the crowd. Exactly how far ahead, however, depends on when other big publishers and studios are going to want to hold their own conferences. FIFA fans would know that for different regions, there are different cover stars. So while we are not sure about the region-specific box art stars, we will definitely keep you posted once we hear more about them.

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FUT 17 TOTS starts May 12th with the release of the Community Team of the Season – made up of 3 squads (Gold, Silver and Bronze), entirely selected by the FIFA community and featuring a selection of players who consistently performed at the top level but just missed out on having a Team of the Week in-form. This isnt the only team that fans have an input on! For the first time ever, the 11 players voted by fans for the Bundesliga Team of the Season will also feature in the FUT 17 Bundesliga TOTS!

This is just the start! The coming weeks will see the releases of many leagues, big and small, plus an exclusive tournament reward 24th TOTS player, a super Bonus SBC that rewards fans for completing special SBCs every week, TOTS Upgrade SBCs with a chance at a guaranteed 84+ TOTW player, Lightning Rounds and a lot more!

The Ultimate Team Mode Can be Renewed in FIFA 17

Ultimate Team Mode is the goose that lays golden eggs for EA Sports, and every year it raises trucks full of money from the card packs that players buy with real money. The mode itself gets new features every year, but has not changed that much since the first time it appeared, and we believe it can become something much better.

For starters, we reckon there are too many types of cards available, and the experience could be slightly streamlined. All injuries should be cured with one single card, and there should be only one quality of contracts, for example. We also think there’s too many Team of the Week, and the Season, and the Year type cards. We believe that a reduction in the type of cards could make the game more enjoyable for all.

Ultimate Team Mode also needs a major renovation in the mode structure in terms of competitions. The cups and leagues should become more dynamic and more appealing to competitive players. The current format is simply a little dull and isn’t much better than a competition created by the player. Finally, we would like to see a change in the amount of coins that players receive in every game, because at this point it doesn’t always properly reward players for their efforts.

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